martedì 18 giugno 2013

Risotto with Savoy cabbage with crispy bacon and Parmesan

Serves 4 Rice and risotto
Complexity: Medium
Wine: Sparkling Raboso

280 grams Carnaroli Rice ( 9,877 oz Carnaroli Rice)
200 grams  Cabbage  ( 7,055 oz Cabbage)
80 grams Onion   ( 2,82 oz Onion)
60 grams Butter  ( 2,12 oz Butter)
100 grams  Parmesan cheese ( 3,53 oz Parmesan cheese)
60 ml white wine ( ¼ cup -  white wine)
Vegetable broth
Salt (enough)
Ground black pepper Enough
Bacon 50 grams (1,76 oz Bacon)

kcal: 518
kJ: 2168
G Fat: 21.9
Carbohydrates avail. g: 63.6
G starch: 61.2
G Sugars: 2.4
G Fiber: 2.5
Mg Sodium: 332
Cholesterol mg: 71.9
G protein: 18.5
G Water: 91.8

Prepare a vegetable broth, with celery, carrot, onion and cloves.

Cut into strips and brown the bacon in a little oil until crispy you put to dry on paper towels.
Prepare four pods of parmesan cheese.
 sprinkle baking paper, four tablespoons of Parmesan forming 4 circles and go for a few minutes in the microwave until melted, let cool.

Wash and drain the cabbage into thin strips and reduce it in a pan add the chopped onion and sauté in half the butter, then add the cabbage. Salt lightly, stir, cover with a lid and let simmer for 10 'minutes.
 Meanwhile, heat the broth.

Add the rice with cabbage, stir well and let it roast for about 3/4 'minutes,

then sprinkle with half a glass of wine and let evaporate.

Continue cooking, adding a ladle of hot broth at a time
let the rice absorb the broth and then add another ladle keep it up for about 16'-18' minutes.
 Remove from heat Stir the rice with butter and Parmesan cheese and freshly ground black pepper,
 Let stand for 2 'minutes and then served in leaves of savoy cabbage and garnish with the bacon crisp and crumbled with crispy parmesan.