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"Omelet in the bacon"

The “omelet in the bacon” aredelicious single portions, bakedin muffin pansand characterizedby acrispywrapbaconor vegetables thattakes theshape ofa basket.They can be servedas appetizers,or,consideringthat the preparationis simpleand quick, you canreplace them with the classichappy hour’s omeletorbrunch.

Ingredientsfor 12 “Omelet in the Bacon”s:
1 sprig of basil, 24 slices of smoked bacon, 200mlfreshcream, 3 tablespoons of Parmesancheese,Salt to taste, 5 Eggs.

To prepare the “Omelet in the Bacon” preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. In a bowl whisk the eggs with the cream, cheese, salt, pepper and at the end add basil to give some flavor to the mixture. Take a  muffin baking molds and line each mold with two slices of bacon, overlapping them crosswise, covering the whole surface. It is not necessary to grease the molds because the bacon itself, thanks to its fat, will prevent the mixture from sticking to the pan, creating a delicious crispy crust that will form the basket. Pour the e…

About Me

Hello everyone, my name is Guerino and I’m an insurance agent. I love my job but the passion that has always been following me, is ... guess what? '"The Kitchen". I dedicate this blog to my family, especially my parents and my in-laws. My special thanks though, go to my dear beloved grandma Cristina Baluardo, from my childhood.  Also, and no less important, to all the people who shared with me and my family carefree moments of  conviviality, referring in particular to all my friends. Especially the ones from my childhood, that I have raised with my lovely meals, and every time they thanked me for it with a “You are the best!”. My love for cooking has deep roots and take me back to sweet memories that have faded away. As a child I enthusiastically admired my grandma Christina as she immersed herself in the kitchen, deeply rooted in an old culinary tradition typically Neapolitan, she would hearten our Sundays and beyond. Like in every Neapolitan family there was always a la…