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Fusilli with cream of chicory

The italian pasta “Fusilli with cream of chicory” creates  a delicious and refined first course. For the preparation was used chicory from Treviso (Italian city, but you can use whatever you can find in your country) that has a sweeter taste and is more delicate than the common chicory. In this preparation, the chicory is cooked and then reduced to a  cream together with onions and bacon, which enhance the flavors without covering its aroma and flavor. The chicory is usually found fresh in the market during the winter months (between November and March) but is less expensive compared to its "cousin" of Treviso. The chicory is recognized by its elongated leaves that have white coasts collected in a non-compact bush that can grow up to 20 cm in length. Before you buy the chicory make sure that the leaves are intact and moist, this will ensure that its vitamin properties are intact. The red chicory, in fact, is rich in vitamin A and C, and abounds in minerals, is also useful fo…